School Council


At Barkerend Academy we have an active School Council who have been involved in various initiatives such as money raising activities for school funds, local charities, Children in Need, Comic and Sport Relief. The School Council has had valuable input into our lunchtime provision and has been involved in environmental initiatives looking at improving our local area, community and ever changing school environment. They continue to gather information and opinions through questionnaires and discussions that have had a positive impact on school life.

Each year the children elect a girl and a boy from each class to represent them. The School Council meets fortnightly and the elected members take suggestions from their classes to the meetings. They will then feedback to their class after the meetings. Brief minutes are also taken.

At their first meeting the School Council are introduced to new vocabulary commonly used in meetings such as ‘opinion, elect, agenda, propose and Chairperson’. They also agree to abide by the School Council Ground Rules.