Lower Key Stage 2

Welcome to Year 3

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Miss Brigden and Miss Amini would like to welcome you to Year 3 and the Topics we will cover.

Autumn 1 - Spain, Rocks and Soils

Autumn 2 - The Tudors, Magnets

Spring 1 - The Romans, Forces

Spring 2 - Rainforests, Plants

Summer 1 - Anglo-Saxons, Animals

Summer 2 - The Vikings, Light and Seeing

Autumn Term – Year 3 measured and prepared a Spanish omelette for our Spain topic.
Spring Term – For our rainforest topic we had some tropical visitors. Year 3 enjoyed handling these unusual animals.
Spring term – For our Romans topic, we visited Murton Park and became Roman soldiers for the day. We worked very hard to make oil lamps and to train using spears and javelins. We had to train to ensure that we protected our village from intruders.
Summer term – we have been reading the class novel called the Spider Wick Chronicals. While we were engrossed in the story, we were visited by the mysterious creatures who left us strange messages and footprints. We became news reporters and reported on these strange occurrences.
Summer term – As part of a reading scheme, year 3 were given the opportunity to be involved in three book events where they were able to celebrate reading and take home a reading book. The first event, was the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice in Wonderland where all story book characters were invited.
Summer term – Our second book event was a pyjama party where we drank hot chocolate, ate popcorn and listened to some ghost stories. This is when chose our second reading book to take home.
Summer term – Our final book event was held at Forster Square. We listened to a fantastic writer/poet who told us some exciting stories and poems. We also got to choose our final reading book to take home.
Summer term – For our transition week in Year 4, we learnt all about Italy and we tried some different Italian foods to help us write an Italian food poem. We also made some Venetian masks and worked as a team to see who could make the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows!’

Welcome to Year 4

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Miss Parisi and Miss Tanday would like to welcome you to Year 4 and the Topics we will cover.

Autumn 1 - Saltaire

Autumn 2 - Saltaire

Spring 1 - Ancient Egypt

Spring 2 - Ancient Egypt

Summer 1 - Sir Francis Drake

Summer 2 - Ancient Britain