Ethos and values


At Barkerend Academy, we aim to provide an environment in which each child will develop a lively, enquiring mind and acquire the knowledge, skills, confidence and attitudes to learning which will enable him or her to reach their maximum potential.

We will do our best to encourage each pupil to develop as a fully rounded individual by fostering understanding, knowledge and skills in all areas – intellectual, physical, practical, social, moral, spiritual, aesthetic and creative.

We aim:

  • To deliver the National Curriculum and offer a quality education in order to help children achieve their maximum potential and make good progress in all they do.
  • To encourage children to become independent learners acquiring skills they will need for life in the adult world.
  • To give equal opportunities to every child and adult in all aspects of school life so that they shall be happy and fulfilled during their time in school.
  • To have high expectations of everyone in all aspects of school life including teaching, learning and behaviour.
  • By teaching, encouragement and example and in a friendly and stimulating environment – to build a community where we respect and care for each other and our surroundings and learn to live and work together co-operatively.
  • To reinforce the moral values of our cultures and religions and to build an understanding, tolerance and concern for the beliefs of others offering the children opportunities for reflection and spiritual growth.
  • To ensure that parents feel that they are part of the school community sharing in the education of their children.
  • To ensure that school is part of the wider community.
  • To ensure that all pupils are included, as far as possible, in the education process regardless of his/her individual circumstances, background or needs.
  • To provide a rich and stimulating learning environment which arouses the interest and curiosity of our children.