Curriculum Overview


Since September 2014, all Primary and Secondary schools in England have been teaching the new National Curriculum. At Barkerend we want our children to experience a wide range of opportunities which allow them to ‘Aim high, care and be proud’. Our curriculum is designed to provide imaginative starting points through a topic-based approach where creatively-linked subjects are enriched by trips, visitors and home learning.

As the children move through the school, we build on existing skills and personalise learning in order to address individual needs and learning styles. The children also experience time to reflect every day and learn to appreciate the diverse world we live in and appreciate the different communities and faiths in the immediate locality.

Embracing the whole child is important to us and this is supported by strong pastoral work both in class and through enrichment activities and clubs run by our fantastic Pastoral Team. Positive adult role models help the children to learn a sense of self and awareness of others in the school community.

The Teaching of Reading in School is a priority. Each child in the early stages of reading will read with an adult regularly. The school uses the Oxford reading scheme materials, combining phonics and ‘look say’ methods to teach early reading. The school aims to hear every child read every day until they are reading securely at the expected age for a Year 3 child.

Once children can confidently read books at the White band, they can choose a free reader. New books are purchased each year to ensure children have access to good quality reading materials. Every child is expected to take home a reading book each day and read at home.

Children will also be part of a taught Guided Reading session each week. The focus of each session links to a reading objective from the new National Curriculum, successful lessons encourage children to re-word and formulate questions as well as answering them.

The children also have access to a fantastic library. They visit the library each week and take part in accelerated reading quizzes, as well as vocabulary quizzes. ‘Lads and Dads’ and lunchtime clubs also run in the library. Children are encouraged to read a wide variety of books.

The children are taught phonics through the recommended scheme of RML as well as supporting texts from schemes such as the ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ series and Project X.

At Barkerend Academy mathematics is taught through a daily mathematics lesson.  We provide a fully inclusive Mathematics Curriculum that develops children’s knowledge and understanding of concepts giving them the opportunity to practice and refine skills and methods.  We teach children to think critically and communicate their understanding in different ways, inspiring them to be problem solvers who can apply their mathematical skills in all areas of the curriculum and real life situations. Practical equipment and images are used in all lessons to support and deepen children’s understanding of mathematical concepts.

The use of ICT supports learners to consolidate their understanding. The school subscribes to Mathletics, an engaging online resource for children. This is accessed both at home and school.