We place high priority on attendance and carefully monitor the attendance of EVERY child in school. We expect children to come to school EVERY day, unless they are ill. 

Children should be at school for 8.45am and in class ready to learn for 9am. We ask parents / carers to inform the office on the first day of absence, please telephone the school. 

If your child has an appointment, please try your best to book these outside of school time.   

Any child, who arrives after the start of school, has to be marked late and children who arrive after 9.00am will be marked as absent. 

Please inform the office if you know in advance that your child will be absent from school. 

We will not authorise holidays in term time, if these are taken, this could lead to a fixed penalty notice being issued by the authority.

If your child is persistently absent, this could lead to prosecution. 

Click here to view our full Attendance Policy document.